Carl Richardson’s New Book

Catching Your Second Wind To Finish Well is now available for purchase or download for e-readers. This book is a bank of wisdom from one of the premier evangelists and Church growth strategists of our time. Filled with reflections on the struggles and successes of a ministry that has spanned more than 50 years, Catching Your Second Wind To Finish Well will inspire, teach and challenge each reader to run their own race with determination and vision. A series of videos created to accompany this landmark book is now available for viewing on YouTube.

Carl Richardson began preaching the gospel of Jesus at the age of 15. His passion for the gospel has taken him around the world many times over, ministering in over one hundred countries. He has preached to gatherings of 30, crowds of 30,000 and once spoke to 3 million people in a large valley in South Africa. READ MORE...

Videos Complete the ...Second Wind... Experience

Carl Richardson has been a pioneer in Radio and Television for many decades. He first appeared as the National Speaker for the Forward in Faith radio program in the early 1970s and quickly built that into a powerful network of over 500 stations. In 1974, Carl entered TV ministry with New World Coming, a strong evangelistic message presented in a contemporary setting. From there, other specials and weekly TV reached a vast audience for many years. The brief videos that enhance this book, will reveal the broad influence and eternal impact of media in Carl’s ministry.

OASIS, Daily Radio Broadcast

OASIS is the daily Radio broadcast of Carl Richardson Ministries. Carl helped pioneer the 5-minute daily format from his early radio ministry days in Lakeland, Florida. Today, this program is broadcast in multiple languages throughout the world. You can listen to the daily OASIS right now or download multiple programs for use on your mp3 player or computer. Just CLICK HERE...